His Holiness Baba Balia, a house-hold name in Odisha, being the founder of Sishu Ananta Ashram, At-Arilo, P.O- Sudarshan, Via- Kolar, Dist –Jagatsinghpur in the State of Odisha, India which is under the management of ANANTA BALIA TRUST, a philanthropic and charitable Non-Government Organization, is a great social reformer, a pioneer environmentalist and a champion of Democracy, apart from being a multifaceted spiritual personality.

Sishu Ananta Ashram established in the Year 1970, through its network of 62 branches functioning in different parts of India, is doing a lot of multifarious social activities viz; Relief work for the flood-cyclone victims including rescue operations, free medical service through Rural Health Centre including Ambulance service, free education to poor students, free boarding and medical facilities to old & infirm people and daily free kitchining for 800 people etc.

As a great social reformer, H.H. Baba Balia has outstanding contribution for organizing dowry-free marriages of poor girls particularly those belonging to vulnerable sections of society like Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe and free ‘Bratoponayan-Sanskar’ (Thread-Ceremony) of poor boys every year in a massive scale in the Ashram premises. He has been relentlessly working against all superstitions and social evils. He is against child marriage & untouchablity and is in favour of remarriage of widows. Through his innumerable spiritual lectures and discourses across the country-side, H.H. Baba Balia has become exceedingly successful in motivating the masses to shun the age-old superstitious belief and accept rational idea. To him, widowhood is not at all a symbol of curse and the society has no moral right to deprive them from participating in any holy festive event like marriage, thread-ceremony etc. Rather, according to him, the widow who traditionally wears white dress is the symbol of piousness and holiness. God will bless those more who marry the widows. Besides, he has been advocating for health check-up and proper match of blood-group of both bride and bride-groom before solemnization of marriage instead of putting blind faith on matching of horoscope. These are quite revolutionary in nature, unheard of from a spiritual personality, which H.H. Baba Balia has only made possible. He has always been advocating in favour of total prohibition of wines and intoxicants in the country which create health-hazards. He has been promoting the cause of revival and improvement of Ayurvedic branch of medicine including rearing and nourishing of herbal gardens and naturopathy.

H.H. Baba Balia is against all forms of superstitions including witch-crafts and blind-beliefs quite prevalent among the illiterate rustic villagers more particularly in tribal community who normally take recourse to wizards for recovery from snake-bites, instead of taking the victims to the nearest health centre for medical treatment. He has been undertaking untiring efforts for creating mass awareness through public campaigns and public speeches to take medical aid instead of resorting to any superstitious and crude method of wizards and snake-charmers for recovery. In this direction, H.H. Baba Balia under the banner of Ananta Balia Trust has appealed time and again the Hon’ble Chief Minister & Hon’ble Health Minister of the State and the District Magistrates & Chief District Medical Officers of all 30 Districts for ensuring adequate stock of anti-venom serum available at all Govt. Medical Centers to prevent any unnatural death due to snake-bite.

As an ardent believer in democratic values, he has undertaken massive awareness campai-gns through the length and breadth of the country to educate the people about their rights and duties guaranteed under the Constitution in order to strengthen Democracy for good governance and prosperity of the nation.

As a great synthesizer of all religious faiths, who believes in oneness of God, H.H. Baba Balia organizes assembly of religious teachers of all faiths in the premises of Sishu Ananta Ashram every year during its Foundation Day Celebrations, wherein they are honoured and felicitated, in order to establish communal harmony.